Week 3 – Why Don’t You Try Oval?

The Perfect Nail Shape


*This post was originally published on 8/18/2014. It has been updated and edited on 5/14/2017.


Square has always been my nail shape.

Not oval, squoval, round or pointed.

I’m adventurous with my nail polish colours and designs, but for some reason, I can’t imagine trying a nail shape other than square!


Nails after Tuesday's Class

Nails after Tuesday’s Class



I also keep my nails long, and although my nails grow out quite strong, I like to apply a nail strengthener or polish whenever I feel like I need a bit of added strength and/or protection.

That was the case for my trip to Kelowna last week because I’d planned for lots of hiking and wine tasting. However, I didn’t have enough time and decided to wing it with my bare nails!


Downtown Kelowna

Downtown Kelowna


Needless to say, my nails went through quite a beating with all the outdoor activities and fun at the wineries. Everything’s chipped…. what should I do?


Chipped Pointer Finger


I couldn’t decide, so I went to my Sunday class with chipped nails. My instructor noticed right away!

She took a closer look and explained that natural square nails have two weak points, one on each corner. As the nail grows out, the corners become weaker and weaker due to the curving of the nail, which explained the chipping I experienced from my trip.

All along I’d already planned to cut my nails down and grow out my square nails again, but as I picked up my nail clippers, she asked: “Why don’t you try oval?”

Well, it was more of a directive rather than a question. And on top of that I couldn’t find a valid reason not to.

Ok, I’m doing this.



…I don’t know how I feel about it so far. I’ll let you all know the results in my next post.

What is your favourite nail shape and why? Share with me in the comments!

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