Week 2 – Perfect Polish Application

How To Apply Nail Polish Perfectly


*This post was originally published on 8/11/2014. It has been updated and edited on 5/10/2017.


What a week!

What happened? Oh yes, nail polish application – the proper way.

Take a look at my class notes (drawing fingertips was more difficult than expected!):


Proper polish application


I personally like option 1 (starting in the middle), but option 2 is acceptable too.

Each layer of polish should be completed in three to five strokes, and usually, only two coats of coloured polish is needed. The bottom two options are no good.

Here is the application that my class partner did for me:


Carmen Red


A little bit scratched up because we wanted to clean up quickly to go to lunch and the polish wasn’t completely dried yet (was so hangry), but otherwise pretty good.

I haven’t worn red in a really long time. Should I keep it on for the rest of the week? What do you guys think?

Something I’m super happy with this week is that I completed my favourite nail set (up to date) for my co-worker/ friend. They are so blinged out and sparkly. Everything came out perfectly! I have her nails posted on my Instagram account: @sundaybeauty

I was pretty nervous before she came over, so I practiced the vintage rose design she wanted on myself. Here’s how it came out:



I loved this design soooo much and didn’t want to remove it before today’s class, but it’s something I’m going to have to get used to. For class days we have to either keep what we were working on from the previous class, or go in with plain nails unless instructed otherwise. It’s going to feel weird to have incomplete/odd looking nails for a while…

Today’s class (Sunday) was all about hand massage, which I was pretty happy about because we spent most of the day trying out our new skills on each other. A great way to relax before a new week begins.

Have an awesome week everyone!

❤ Catherine

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