Week 1 – Expectations

Nail School Has Started!


*This post was originally published on 8/4/2014. It has been updated and edited on 5/8/2017.


It’s been a long time since I’ve been in school. I’ve always been a good student, but I’m dreading the 8 hour long Sunday classes that are ahead of me. Right now, I’m working full- time, Monday to Friday, tutoring math on Saturdays, and going to Blanche Macdonald all day on Sundays and 4 hours on Tuesday nights. How am I going to do this?

Similar to most first days of school I’ve experienced, our instructor went over our course outline and the expectations.

Rules… something I’m not so used to anymore.

For class, we are expected to wear a ‘uniform’ consisting of black pants (no jeans or leggings), black top with sleeves and a modest neckline, and black flats. Ughh… really?

I looked in my closet and couldn’t find half of these items. So I had to run out to H&M during my lunch break to assemble my outfit in 30 minutes. Thankfully I was able to find everything I needed, but my uniform is far from my usual style. I don’t feel like myself…

Ok, I’ve rambled a bit too much on that, but after our first class, I realized that presentation is very important in the beauty industry. Everything on our service table has to be precisely placed in a specific order, our posture and demeanor has to be elegantly maintained, and our appearance always has to be clean and professional.

Lots of things to remember!


Table setup

Service table set up the correct way.


My favourite part of our first week was when we received our natural nail kits. Our personal equipment, implements, materials and nail cosmetic tools (look at me using my new vocab!) come in this cute little bag:




For nail polishes, we get one each of a top coat, base coat, red polish, pink/neutral polish and white polish. Polish application exams will be marked on red polish application and french manicure style application. I need to start practicing! Volunteers?




That’s it for now, I’m exhausted from a busy week, but thank goodness it’s a long weekend! Thanks BC Day! I will be meandering through the trails at Garibaldi Park and taking in some fresh air before I return to the nail polish fumes… mmmmmm!

❤ Catherine

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As a kid, I happened to discover a magazine entirely focused on intricate nail designs. This sparked an interest that has grown over the years. Though I completed a bachelor’s degree in Food, Nutrition, and Health, office work wasn’t for me. So, I focused on my dream instead. I earned my diploma from Blanche Macdonald’s Nail Technology Program in 2015. I worked in a salon and received certified training with YUMI Lashes in January 2017. Then, in March of 2017, I opened Sunday Beauty Boutique. These days, I spend my time focusing on my customers, customizing my services for each of them. I’ve created a relaxing space where they get the attention they deserve. My biggest goal is to help them to feel as good as they look. Seeing this transformation is the best part of my day!

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