Lash Lift VS Eyelash Extensions: Which is the best way to boost your eyelashes?

What is a lash lift?

When I first discovered lash lifts on Instagram, I was obsessed.

I knew I had to try it, but at the time (last summer), not many Vancouver salons were offering this lash enhancement procedure.

After doing some more research, I found a lash lift technician in downtown Vancouver. She uses YUMI Lashes, a brand that originates from France.

Although I was super excited about my first lash lift appointment, I was also quite nervous.

What if the lash lift won’t ‘work’ on me?

I have short, straight lashes that refuse to hold a curl. Wearing mascara was never an option because it seemed to weigh my lashes down even more. I felt that my downward facing lashes made my eyes look smaller and less ‘awake’.


My natural lashes with light eyeliner.


The day of my  lash lift appointment arrived and during the consultation, the technician assured me that I was a great candidate for the treatment.

She first applied an eye mask underneath my eyes and then proceeded to ‘sculpt’ my lashes onto the silicon forms. She recommended that I try the smallest size form to maximize the lash lifting results.

Next, she applied the lifting cream solution, followed by the fixing cream solution.

Finally my lashes were tinted, my eye area was cleansed and a nourishing oil and mascara was applied.

For more detailed information about the lash lifting process, visit my YUMI Lashes Lash Lift FAQ page here.

I was instructed to open my eyes and they were a bit blurry at first. After a few blinks, my eyes cleared up. I was ready to see the results.

I was amazed!

My natural lashes have never looked so long before, and I didn’t realize I had so many.

I never thought my lashes could ever look this good.


A few days after my first YUMI Lashes lash lift with mascara.


How long does a lash lift last?

Lash lifts typically last up to 8-12 weeks. Lifted lashes don’t uncurl, instead they are shed naturally through the lash cycle and are replaced with new lashes.

The length of a lash cycle differs from person to person, and depending on when you get a lash lift also affects how long it’ll last.

To avoid damaging your lashes, it’s recommend to wait at least 6 weeks between each lash lift.


Are lash lifts better than eyelash extensions?




First, it comes down to what your natural lashes are like and what your end goal is.

Eyelash extensions can easily add volume and length to any lash line, whereas lash lifts can’t fill in sparse lashes and can only make lashes appear slightly longer.


My Russian volume eyelash extensions styled to give my eyes a rounder ‘dolly eye’ look. You can see a big difference in my eye shape compared to the photos above!


Second, lifestyle should be considered.

Eyelash extensions require much more care and frequent touch ups (fills), while lash lifts are much more low maintenance and as mentioned above, the results can last up to 8-12 weeks.


Are lash lifts safe?

Just like with any other beauty procedure, safety begins with your technician.

Is the salon clean? Are tools properly sanitized? Is your technician certified?

Also, it’s important to ask the salon what products they use and where they’re from.

Have the ingredients in the product been approved by the health authority in your country (i.e. Health Canada)?

If you have concerns about possibly allergic reactions, ask your technician to do an allergy patch test at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.


Are eyelash extensions bad for you?

If your lash technician is properly trained and uses the correct technique, you shouldn’t experience any adverse effects. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Your natural lashes shouldn’t be stuck to each other or other extensions. When this happens, a faster growing lash could pull out another that it’s stuck to. A good way to test this is to gently brush a mascara wand through your lashes from root to tip. If you find that the wand can’t get through it means the lashes are stuck together.
  • Lash glue should never touch your skin. Extensions are placed about 0.5 mm away from your skin. Placing extensions directly against your eyelid skin could cause irritation.
  • Your lash technician should be able to choose extensions that are suitable for you. Extensions that are too heavy (thick) or long can cause natural lashes to fall our prematurely.

How you take care of your lashes can also make a huge difference:

  • Avoid rubbing or pulling out extensions yourself. Both of these activities can cause your natural lashes to fall out quicker, which could result in gaps in your lash line.
  • Keeping your lashes clean is absolutely essential. A lot of eyelash extension clients avoid touching their eye area all together, fearing that they’ll cause their extensions to fall out quicker. However, a ‘dirty’ lash line accumulates dead skin and oils that can actually break down the lash adhesive. It can also cause irritation or in some cases, infections. To clean the lash line, gently cleanse the area with lash shampoo or oil-free makeup remover, rinse with water, and pat dry with a clean towel.

If you find that your eyes or the surrounding skin feels irritated (red, sore or itchy) during your lash appointment or the days after, contact your lash technician right away. Allergies to ingredients in the lash adhesive, eye masks, medical tape or other products used during the service are possible. Sensitivities can also build up over time, so you may experience a reaction for the first time months or even years after your first eyelash extension appointment.

If an allergic reaction is severe or doesn’t subside, I would highly recommend getting your extensions removed and visiting your doctor. For less severe reactions or sensitivities that were built up over time, it’s a good idea to take a break from eyelash extensions for at least a few months.



I’m so glad I discovered the lash lift. It has helped my natural lashes reach their full potential (I’ve never seen them so long!) and allowed me to enjoy sports and outdoor activities without having to worry about them.

In fact, I loved the results so much, I took the YUMI Lashes lash lift course and got certified earlier this year!


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However, my natural lashes alone will never reach the length and thickness that I can achieve with eyelash extensions. Although it takes more work and dedication to maintain extensions, they are definitely worth it for special occasions!

❤ Catherine


Have you tried a lash lift or eyelash extensions? Share your experience in the comments below!

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