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The Truth About Lash Growth Serums

Lash Growth Serums: Do They Really Work? I got my first lash lift a bit over a year ago and was instantly hooked. I loved how low maintenance it was compared to eyelash extensions, and how I didn’t have to fuss around with applying strip lashes anymore.     However, after a few more lash […]

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Featured Image of Lash Lift VS Lash Perms

Lash Lift vs Lash Perm: Which One Is Better?

Lash extensions can give you perfect looking lashes, but what if you can’t keep up with the maintenance and cost? Enter: lash lifts and lash perms. Recently, salons have been buzzing about these newest lash procedures in town. These two treatments aren’t identical, though. There are benefits to each one, depending on the type of curl you’re […]

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Lash Lift VS Eyelash Extensions: Which is the best way to boost your eyelashes?

What is a lash lift? When I first discovered lash lifts on Instagram, I was obsessed. I knew I had to try it, but at the time (last summer), not many Vancouver salons were offering this lash enhancement procedure. After doing some more research, I found a lash lift technician in downtown Vancouver. She uses YUMI Lashes, a […]

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