What is a lash lift?

YUMI Lashes Lash Lift


Do you have stubborn lashes that won’t curl? Or a lifestyle that doesn’t work with eyelash extensions?

Sunday Beauty Boutique has the perfect, low maintenance lash solution for you!


YUMI Lashes Lash Lift is a cosmetic treatment that enhances your natural lashes by lifting (curling) and tinting them. After the initial 48 hours of keeping your lashes completely dry, you’re free to apply makeup, work out, wash your face – basically get back into your everyday routine.

YUMI Lashes Lash Lift

YUMI Lashes was launched in 2008 in Europe, and was first introduced in the USA in 2015. As the service became increasing popular, especially among celebrities, certified training and product approval finally reached Canada.


Now this highly requested lash lift treatment is available at Sunday Beauty Boutique, located in Vancouver, BC in the heart of the Kitsilano neighbourhood!  



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How do I prepare for my YUMI Lashes Lash Lift service?

Remove Makeup

Your eye area must be completely makeup free for the treatment and remain dry for 24-48 hours after.

I always recommend clients to take the time to make sure all their makeup is removed (especially mascara and eyeliner between the lashes) and to cleanse their face before their appointment. However, if you’re coming to your appointment directly from work, school, or don’t have time to remove your makeup prior, I’ll have makeup wipes for you.

From personal experience (I have super sensitive skin and eyes), I found that my eyelids were sensitive when I removed my makeup right before the treatment. On my second try, I removed my makeup the night before, and I didn’t experience any sensitivities at all.

Remove Contact Lenses

Wear your glasses and/or bring your contact lens case and solution to the appointment. During the treatment, contact lenses must be removed. Forgot to bring something? No worries, there will be sanitized contact lens cases and contact solution available for you to use.

Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine can cause your eyes to flutter and twitch, and prevent you from relaxing during your treatment. I always recommend my clients to avoid caffeinated coffee, teas and energy drinks a few hours prior to their appointment. If you forgot or absolutely need to have caffeine, don’t forget to visit the washroom right before your service begins.

Will there be a consultation before my service?

Definitely! Your lash lift treatment doesn’t begin until we’ve analyzed your lashes (colour, length, thickness and health) and discussed your expectations for the final results.


What can I expect during the service?

You’ll be lying down on a super comfy spa bed with your eyes closed for 1.5 – 2 hours. Clients usually take this opportunity to nap, meditate, catch up on podcasts or listen to music. Blankets and extra pillows are also available to maximize your comfort.


Your eyelashes and eye area will be gently cleansed with protein wipes to ensure that they are completely free of any oils and makeup residue. To protect your lower lashes and eye area, a  pair of eye masks will be applied to the area underneath your eyes. This eye mask also has brightening and moisturizing properties! At this point your eyes will be closed until the treatment is over.


Next, silicone forms will be fitted onto your upper lids. These forms come in three sizes: small, medium and large. Depending on your desired look, the correct size will be selected during your consultation.


YUMI Lashes Procedure
Eye masks placed underneath eyes and silicone forms being fitted on the eyelid.


At this time, your lashes will be ‘sculpted’ to the shape of the silicone form. This step usually takes the longest as your lashes will keep this shape for 8-12 weeks after the treatment, so it’s important to make sure is lash is sculpted into the perfect position.

After your lashes are set into place, the YUMI Lashes Lift solution is applied to your lashes, focusing on the roots. Traditional lash perms are applied to the entire lash which can dry out, weaken or even damage lashes. Once the Lift solution has processed and been removed, the Fix solution will be applied and removed after it has finished processing.

Your lashes are now perfectly lifted, but we’re not done yet! To give them an extra boost, we will darken your lashes with a tint. Tinting can also help lashes look longer and thicker.

Once the lash tinting is completed, the silicone forms are removed with the help of the YUMI Lashes Nourish oil, and your lashes are gently cleansed to ensure that all products are removed.


Finally your lashes will be brushed and the YUMI Nourishing mascara is applied before the grand reveal of your lashes!


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How do I care for my lifted lashes?

Simple. Keep your lashes completely dry and avoid touching them for 48 hours.

This will ensure that your newly lifted and tinted lashes will keep their shape and colour. That means avoid swimming, crying, or washing/showering too close to your eye area. If possible, also avoid eye makeup as you’ll have to use remover to get it off at the end of the day.

Although it’s tempting to brush out your ‘spiky’ looking lashes, please wait! Once you’ve passed your initial 48 hours, you can brush and wash your lashes as often as your like. The ‘spiky’ look will become more fluffy and natural, and at this time, it’s perfectly fine to apply mascara.


How the lashes will look right after service.


How much does it cost?

The YUMI Lashes lash lift (tinting included) is $150 CAD. This is the official pricing set by YUMI Lashes.

Will my eyelashes uncurl overtime?

No, the YUMI Lashes lash lift permanently lifts and curls your lashes. If you notice lashes ‘uncurling’ it’s actually the new, untreated portion growing out.
Eyelashes grow in cycles and the average person can lose as many as 6 lashes per day per eye. Each lash that has been lifted with the YUMI Lashes treatment will eventually grow, shed and be replaced with a new lash. By 8-12 weeks, your lifted lashes will have shed and be replaced with new lashes.

How long should I wait before getting my lashes lifted again?

Although most clients enjoy their lash lifts up to 8-12 weeks, sometimes they feel like they need to come in earlier due to their lash cycle (or fall lash shed – it’s a real thing!). I would not recommend coming in earlier than 4 weeks, in order to maintain lash health. This also goes for clients who’ve had their lashes permed before. 

What’s the difference between YUMI Lashes lash lift and eyelash extensions?

With YUMI Lashes, nothing (no artificial lashes) is added to your natural lashes. Instead, your existing lashes are lifted and tinted to create longer, thicker and darker looking lashes.

With eyelash extensions, synthetic or mink lashes are applied to your natural lash using adhesives.

My lashes are already dark/black, will tinting do anything for me?

Yes! Even with dark lashes you’ll notice that they are bolder and shinier with the tint. Our lashes tend to taper at the ends, so the tips are so fine that they are difficult to detect or can only be visible in sunlight. With the tint added, the tips will be more visible, thus elongating the look of your lashes

Can I wear makeup after my lashes are lifted?

Yes! After the initial 48 hours feel free to apply your usual eye makeup including eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and even falsies!

Can I get a facial after my lashes are lifted?

I would recommend booking your facial appointment at least 48 hours or 2 days after your YUMI Lashes treatment to ensure that your lashes stay lifted and tinted, as most facials use steam and apply treatments near and over the eye area.

I’m pregnant/ breastfeeding, can I get my lashes lifted?

I would highly recommend getting a patch test done at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. Hormonal changes could affect your sensitivities/ allergic reactions, so it’s best make sure that you won’t have any adverse reactions (puffy eyes) while you’re pregnant or nursing your baby 🙁 Safety first!

I had an allergic reaction to hair dye, eyebrow/eyelash tint before, can I get my lashes lifted?

I would recommend that you come in 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment for an allergy patch test. If you’re only allergic to the tint, we could lift your lashes without tinting them.

I have an eye infection or condition, can I get my lashes lifted?

For any eye infection, it’s best to wait until your eyes are fully healed before receiving treatment near your eyes. For any other conditions, please consult with your physician first before scheduling an appointment.